Understand Chiropractic

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A science, an art, a philosophy

Chiropractic has three fundamental pillars: Art, Science and Philosophy:

​• Based on the Art because the gesture has to be precise and rigorous. It takes 5 years to study the right moves, Chiropractors perfect themselves throughout the years.

​• Based on Science, as the students gain medical, biophysic, and chemical knowledges during their student’s life. Nowadays, many scientific reviews proved the efficiency of Chiropractic.

​• Based on Philosophy, ruled by 33 principles, it gives a new vision on Life, Human being, and on Chiropractic. This therapy increases the natural healing power of the human body day by day.

The chiropractor works on life.

More information

Chiropractic more than a therapy : a way of life.

Chiropracteur sur l'île de Ré
Thérapie manuelle pour le soin du dos et des articulations - Optimisation de la Santé - Urgence, traitement et prévention - Sur Rdv
29, Avenue du Général de Gaulle
17410 Saint Martin de Ré
Chiropracteur Ile de Ré Ile de Ré - Charente Maritime - Nouvelle Aquitaine - France
00 33 6 30 01 44 67
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